Off The Wrist

Posted by Rhyval X on

#offthewrist #derekminor #rhyval 

I'm off the wrist I'm off the wrist

I'm off the wrist, I'm with the swish,

ooouuu finesse on viciousness

No competition its just mission 

Pioneering from the village of villains

Had to pivot to win it

This my year I'm on the boards like jahzare

I got the bounce back I up it up I'm higher up

I Wake up in the morning just to hoop

I be ballin every day you know I shoot

I'm throwing lobs you might catch an alley-oop

Oops a daisy on the daily 

Daily bread breaking ankles

Ankle deep thinking you steep

Steeper in the deep end no rem sleep

Where opinions kill everyone

Cool kids with woke quotes 

cracking castles for a throne

Only to be overthrown 

Homie I can point you to The Throne

Or I can point you to the thrown


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