RxR Trap Funk : CalBoy Envy Me

(Music Video/Visuals/Movie/Viral Film what was you thinking??!! 
Lyrics ( Cal Boy )

Whys there so much stress on legal guns
When most these killings done with illegal ones
Make it tougher to get a pump when real criminals maxing on my yota pump.
School like prison just less protection 
Maybe if we acknowledge were confined 
theyll give securer measures 
Inmates have officers
Overseers are whippin our minority progressions
Narrow our professions condition us in our adolescence 
Like run jump shoot with the rock its a profession
Run jump shoot the rock its an addiction 
Run jumpy shooters rock badges for protection
Run ya mouth to jump the gun shooting thats assassination 
Don't run these streets my mama said
Dont jump at every thing my airborne papa said
Shooting with a camera could save you from being dead 
These pixels penetrate the wickedness in my hood
Hoorah with my soldiers at ya spot
Spock with these star trek glocks
Glock Jordan with the shot
Shoot your shot