RxR Trap Funk : Meek Mills x Drake Going Bad

(Music Video/Visuals/Movie/Viral Film this was like a Dopplerganger edition of Trap Funking it up US style shout outs to Key and Peele. We went back in time through split personalities. Different sides of southwest raised minds)

she a Latin cultured mamacita
Got me saying you remind me of story bout a diva 
from the westside
Of a goddess name maria maria
Mi Renia tu eres bonita
Like Sofia Vergara
So can you shake it like bachatta 
Make me say ooo nah nah

senorita whats up with that pinata

(then a whole lot of free styling I honestly forgot what I said. I legit had too much fun on this and some what blacked out in the booth. I didn't complete the lyrics so feel free to make them up or mumble along tbh)