RxR Trap Funk : Vlog | One



Movie Night battle of Liam Neeson vs Michael B. Jordan in Widows vs Creed 2 not to mention Rhyval faces rival spiders in a spec ops war. 

Cinema Review: 

I honestly wasn't sure what was going on in the movie Widows. It seemed as if they were making Liam out to be a racist. They had him supporting some guy that was crooked and Viola Davis had said something to him about enjoying life with his new white family when she caught him alive. Maybe I'm just not woke enough or something but I was lost. Ironically later in the news I heard Neeson did an interview in which he revealed he had secretly roamed the streets looking for a black man to kill after hearing his friend had been assaulted. I was like whoa no bro the movie is too real ...way too soon lol.  I should have saw Creed II then I would have had been able to acquire new combat skills to fight the spiders that were waiting for me at home. It's like you kill one then they all spread it through the web and start mobbin all seal team style on your residence. I pay mortgage you just lower my property value with your web of decay. So yeah I took it a tad bit personal as you can tell. Well this is #RxR One of #TrapFunk ... "pioneer the wave ... "