RxR: Tik Tok Hack

  • Dominate Niche 
  • Develop Trend(s)
  • Repurpose Content
  • Respond to Comments
  • Trojan Horse Competition w/Kindness

  • Dominate Niche 

○ Pick a niche w/ end game in mind. (After you go viral then what? Longevity? Cash Cow? BRAND! WHAT DO YOU REPRESENT?  I.e give HOPE

○ Emotional intelligence never ridicule only give hope

○ pick 5 hashtags to dominate unique to your: Brand, community, trend,  niche, region 

○5 competitors (community, niches, PLATFORMS i.e comedy central, dam funk, walgreens) hashtags 

○5-10 videos a day 3 minimum 

○funnel ALL CONTENT through niche

  • Develop Trend(s)

○ simple for grandma to do (catch phrase, effect, how you end or start or etc)

○Funnel challenges / duets/ reactions through trend

○create hashtag for trend

  • Repurpose Content

○Funnel memes from other platforms through your niche a repost videos from 9Gag to tik tok and get meme idea from reddit for memes before they go super viral 

○make compilation videos of your tik tok content solo and one mixed with popular ones (i.e a quick jack hack is take YouTube videos and cut your clips into the mix ) it’s basically a video collage lol

○Engage on other apps reddit and others to stay current on what is going viral from tiktok

  • Respond to Comments

○reply to everyone that supports you. Like and comment on their post as well 

○engage on popular post with your 1st thought and motivation

○ pick a reachable giant in your endgame niche & comment on videos they post asking your community to help the giant notice you and your cause

  • Trojan Horse Competition w/Kindness

○Find your twins (Big/Lil) slowly engage with their content and platform then the day will come in which you shall rise and either have allies or respected competition 

  • Basics Training

○incorporate tending sounds and hashtags in at least 2 daily post 

○use hashtags #4u #fyp #foryou #trending

○pick hashtag variations and future variations for when platform because over saturated 

○make content for future hashtags when platform is over saturated (i.e plural or elaborated "not complicated tho" like: #blackactor #Oscars2020 #BlackEnt )

○ don't worry about perfection post mistakes as well

○ engage in community by getting lost in tik tok blackhole 

○ vlog on tiktok 

○ post inspirational and motivational videos (share insecurities be vulnerable as authenticity equals longevity) FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT IS A LIE!

○you can have 3 active accounts and change names every 30 days so think pick with the end in mind i.e I have the handles for shoulderwalk and blackactor still not as ideal as the handle for shoulders or actor know what I mean) so after a day or two you'll realize something you can take over and think of a great name then boom there you go.

○ I suggest 2 niche accounts to Express your creative ideas like a sketch pad. One for testing something new you are interested in but not too great at yet. The supporters will get to grow with you

○ bulk record, save as drafts, then upload throughout week for dry idea days, or for bulk dump days to flood (especially when you start going viral) if you post 100 videos one will take off and go viral) keep repeating til you hit goal number of fans 

○ rule of thumb no rules on tiktok no one knows you're there so have fun so what if it’s "cringey" a majority of the community is positive as negativity is minimum especially compared to every other platform. Cringe doesn’t sell they just don’t ostracize you for genuinely trying as it is bold.

○ if picking more than one niche wait a week to decide which account you want to get statistics for and add your phone number and switch to pro account so you can see data/analytics 

○ if tik tok offers beta testing for new feature before everyone do it lol and watch gary vee if you get shy or doubt your content 

(This platform will not work for bravatoo and pride hence why most of the industry doesn’t understand Tik Tok yet the age demographic currently on it 13-19 does understand it because legit those were some of the realest times of life that forever shaped the future. Do some serious self evaluation because the future of content is authenticity as longevity only exist for the real. Your endgame will fail if it is to become famous, instead you should strive to obtain 1k fans so you can go live and start earning something for your cause. Once you go viral, what will you do ... be selfish or make a difference? #ReasonsForHope