"Embrace of Grace" Throw Blanket


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Wrap yourself in the "Embrace of Grace" Throw Blanket, a serene addition to the "tHE DesIrED" collection that brings the warmth of God's love into your home. More than a mere decor item, this blanket serves as a tangible reminder of the comfort and security found in Christ's embrace, perfect for reflective evenings or moments of prayer and meditation.

Divine Comfort:

Crafted from 100% polyester, this blanket offers a divine silk touch, soft enough to remind you of the gentleness of God's love.
The design features printing on one side, symbolizing the unique path each believer walks with God, with a serene white reverse side to reflect purity and peace.
Machine-washable for easy care, this hypoallergenic and flame-retardant blanket ensures a safe and cozy addition to your living space.
Each blanket is a testament to mindful living and stewardship, sourced responsibly to align with the values of the "tHE DesIrED" collection.
Blessed Manufacturing:
In keeping with the collection's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, this throw blanket is created specifically for you upon order. This thoughtful approach reduces waste and overproduction, embodying the principles of stewardship and care for God's creation.

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