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Part 2: In the Web of Dreams: Rhyval's Silent Revolt

This moment was the culmination of a series of harrowing events, each more challenging than the last. Rhyval's journey leading up to now began when he was forcibly subjected to the beta-Digiport system by the bizarre Pandora Phame entity, Pandora Philm, to which Rhyval was now obligated.

This advanced technology system thrust him into the lucid dreams of others, turning him into an unwilling pawn in Pandora's data-harvesting game. The experiences created by Pandora in these dream worlds ranged from surreal encounters with a dangerous Man Cat to being teleported into the Digiverse Void Vicinity. All as a tactic to weaken Rhyval enough to successfully confine him to the "Can't Live Clause": If an affiliate does not complete the "Can't Live" series established by Pandora Philm, the affiliate "Cannot Live!" per Pan Doros.

His survival in each of these experiences, though surreal, served a purpose. They were Rhyval's silent rebellion against the system that sought to control him.

His actions within the Digiverse were a clear indication of his rejection of Pandora's dominance, a message that he was not a mere puppet in their digital plays sponsored by Pandora Partnerships, Pandora Philms. This was particularly evident as Rhyval was still being sought after by Pandora Partnerships for his recklessness at the farmers market during his rogue Hail Mary filming. Even though he was still confined within the Digiverse, due to the Pandora Philm "Can't Live" clause, Rhyval deftly maneuvered through the twisted narratives, making each step a declaration of his autonomy in the process.

Yet his present escape through the coppice was a frantic effort to evade the upgraded Phace Mask control technology, a countermeasure designed by Pandora Political to subdue his rebellious streak. The control mechanisms, however, extended beyond the Phace Mask. Rhyval had been continuously exposed to the REDrum dye, a color specifically engineered to invoke and induce FEO's override system through Project DOMO. Unbeknownst to Rhyval, every time he donned red in his content, Pandora Phame could activate FEO with increasing ease, a sinister manipulation that played out under the guise of Pandora's matador affect trials. Thus, the longer he remained in the Digiverse, the longer FEO had free reign to operate on his behalf against his morality.