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Part 3: A Labyrinth of Shadows: The Void Vicinity Escape

The chase through Comida Country was not just a physical escape; it was a battle for autonomy against an entity that sought to dictate his every move. Rhyval's defiance reached a crescendo as his mind erupted with a plan to disrupt the system. He continued to survey the Pandora Postsecondary Library while strategizing his exit.

However, the true test of Rhyval's resolve came when he was trapped in the DigiVerse Void Vicinity. The outer grounds of the Pandora Postsecondary Library disappeared into the darkness of the “DVVV” as Rhyval stood there, isolated and subjected to extreme conditions such as being forced to perform for his freedom. His performance was weaponized to induce a zombie outbreak among the students of Pandora Postsecondary. This act was a stark reminder of Pandora's unyielding ambition and moral bankruptcy.

Exiting the doors of the DigiVerse Void Vicinity marked the beginning of a new chapter in Rhyval's struggle. His physical body had been disconnected, leaving him trapped in the Digiverse while his digital doppelgänger, FEO, assumed control in the physical world. The realization of FEO's actions and Pandora's manipulation revealed the extent of the corporation's control and Rhyval's internal conflict. He didn’t have time to reflect on the nuances of his turmoils…

… now was the time he trained for, though still exhausted from the DVVV, Rhyval activated his Turn Up wav breaking the sync between him and the Digisoul R&D servers. However, his time to move around freely would only last the duration of the wav and FEO could potentially show up and locate him due to their sync.

This internal conflict reached its zenith in Comida Country Coppice, where Rhyval encountered FEO, the mirror image of his raw essence. The confrontation, a manifestation of Rhyval's internal struggle, was a pivotal moment. Rhyval's strategy in this confrontation was a testament to his cunning and adaptability, as he lured FEO to coppice tunnels for a final showdown. Having endured the harrowing beta-Digiport trials, now faced his ultimate test: outsmarting Pandora at their own game.