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Rhyval is a musician who is known for his unique blend of pop and funk that's infused with personal experiences and passion. His music is a reflection of his core values and beliefs, and transcends time and borders to connect with audiences all around the world.

Drawing inspiration from his travels across more than 7 states, Rhyval weaves together a tapestry of diverse sounds and rhyme patterns that are woven throughout his art. Growing up in El Paso, Rhyval felt out of place in his own community and it wasn't until he moved to San Diego in his early 20s that he found a better fit for his lifestyle. The city's diversity, unique food, and comfy street corners won his heart, and he's been creating music that reflects that ever since.

Rhyval's journey in life has been filled with challenges, including serving in the military where he experienced things that few people ever will. But through it all, he never lost his passion for creating. He continues to experiment with sounds and rhyme patterns to produce distinct music that resonates with his fans. W

Rhyval painting "The kaBloom"