"WDYD?" Pin Buttons Set


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Introducing the "WDYD? Eternal Desire" Pin Buttons Set – a collection designed to resonate with the soul's deepest yearnings, echoing the poignant message of Romans 5:8 and Rhyval's vision. Each pin is a beacon of faith, a reminder of Christ's ultimate sacrifice for us, and an invitation to reflect on "What Do You Desire?" in the light of eternity.

Crafted with care:

This set features 5 unique pin buttons, each serving as a testament to your faith and a declaration of your eternal desires.
Constructed from durable tinplate, these pins are built to be a lasting symbol of your commitment to bearing fruit in every aspect of life.
Each pin is shielded by a scratch and UV-resistant mylar coating, ensuring the message shines brightly even in the face of life's trials.
The glossy finish not only adds a radiant glow but also reflects the light of Christ in our daily walk.
Designed for ease, these pins can effortlessly adorn any piece of clothing or accessory, allowing you to carry your faith with you in a stylish and meaningful way.
On-Demand Craftsmanship:
Aligned with Rhyval's commitment to mindful stewardship, each pin set is created on demand, embodying the principle of reducing waste and valuing every resource as a gift from God to steward wisely. This thoughtful approach to production ensures that your purchase contributes to a sustainable future, mirroring the renewing work of Christ in our lives and in the world.

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